Thursday, February 25, 2010

new addition.

Last week, James and I adopted a dog from the Humane Society. We had been hoping to get a puppy from another rescue out in Pearl City, but we went to the Humane Society just to see who was there. There was this cute little dog that was called Henry. We spent some time with him, he tried to pee on James twice, and loved to sit in my lap. Even though we liked him, he didn't seem to interested in us, so we left.

The next morning I got an email from the lady at the other animal rescue and she said that the puppy we had been looking at online was already 20 lbs. (way too big for our apartment). So I went back to the Humane Society just for fun and saw Henry again. This time he was so excited to see me, he ran to the door of his cage wagging his tail the most and giving me kisses. Soooo... I adopted him.

He had been a stray on Maui, and they said they think that he was abused before that. (They send over little dogs from Maui, because I guess everyone over there wants big dogs). He is a 5 year old poi dog. He is very underweight, all of his ribs visible, and his little hip bones too. But we are gonna fatten him up in no time. Since he had been a stray, they were just calling him Henry at the Humane Society, and he didn't know that as his name yet, so we got to give him a name. After talking about it all afternoon and naming random things and whatever came to mind, we decided on Kentucky. Full name, Kentucky Good Lookin'.

He is a very good dog, he only had a couple of accidents the first couple days, but now he is completely potty trained (besides peeing on a guy at the dog park the other day), and he loves James and I. All he wants to do is cuddle and be in our laps. He likes to be outside too. He is perfect. He has energy when we are outside doing fun things, or playing. But when we are at home relaxing, he just cuddles.

Kentucky Good Lookin' Swenson Ludewig.
Now we are a real family.